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We at Concha Audiology feel it is very important to educate our patients.  Our website is a valuable resource regarding hearing health care.  Let’s get started.

We encourage you to ask questions when you have an evaluation. Have a question now? Email Del Concha

State of the Art Technology

We utilize state of the art technology, including:

  • Digital audiometers for hearing evaluations

  • Tympanometers for testing middle ear functions

  • Sound booths to ensure accurate evaluations

  • Real Ear Systems to accurately test and adjust your hearing aids

  • Powerful computers with the latest fitting software to ensure you have the latest fitting and hearing aid technology

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Office Hours vary by location (listed in the right margin on the service page)

  • Mt.Pleasant Office      319-385-9030 or 1-800-475-9110

  • Fort Madison Office   319-372-2999 or 1-800-569-8919

  • North Liberty Office  319-626-2392 or 1-866-272-7965

  • Keokuk Office                1-800-569-8919

Email us: nlibertyconcha@gmail.com

We pride ourselves on the services we provide. Evaluations are generally scheduled within 2 days. Minor hearing aid repairs are done in our office on the same day. Major repairs are sent to the factory and take less than 10 days.

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