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We know that we are privileged to be chosen by you to take care of your hearing health.

As part of our ongoing Best Practices care, it is our responsibility to help you have access to the best tools to help you communicate better.

Please give us a call with any questions you have about our services or to schedule an appointment. If you think you may need our services but aren’t sure, try our 3-minute online hearing screener and see if a thorough hearing evaluation is recommended.

We have four convenient office locations:

Fort Madison office: 319-372-2999

Keokuk office: 800-569-8919

   Mt. Pleasant office: 319-385-9030

North Liberty office: 319-626-2392

Evaluations are generally scheduled within two days. Minor hearing aid repairs are done in our office on the same day. Major repairs are sent to the factory and take less than ten days. We have loaner hearing aids available for certain models to fit on our patients during repairs.

At Concha Audiology, we believe patient education is very important. Our website is a valuable resource for our patients. To stay up to date on current hearing health care information, check out the “Learn More” tab and also follow us on Facebook. Check back soon for more articles.


At Concha Audiology, best practices include:

    • Developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

    • Using a patient-focused “income” measure.

    •  Using meaningful clinical tests.

    •  Establishing patient-specific treatment goals.

    • Selecting hearing aid features on the basis of the treatment goals, not the audiogram.

    •  Verifying the hearing aid performance parameters with test box and probe microphone measures.

    •  Validating your treatment plan.

    •  Evaluating for and prescribing hearing assistive technology, as appropriate.

    • Itemizing your fees.

    • Providing postfitting audiologic rehabilitation services.


We are grateful for the gifts of Life, Love, and Hearing. Without Life, we wouldn’t have Love. Without Hearing, we miss out on the full experience of Life and Love. Better Hearing allows our patients to Hear the “I Love Yous” and that is a priceless gift we Love to give….


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