Hearing Aids

Concha Audiology offers a wide variety in products to suit your hearing needs.  Here is the latest in hearing aid technology:


IIC hearing aids are typically placed very close to the eardrum past the second bend of the ear canal.  Advantages to this technology are natural directional location, very little wind noise, decreased “plugged up” feeling, virtually no feedback and invisibility.  Some disadvantages are the ear canal has to be very healthy, relatively straight and large enough to fit the device.  Candidates must be in relatively good health (no diabetes, blood thinners or chronic ear maladies).  Very severe or profound hearing loss patients are not good candidates.  Some patients have reported discomfort due to the insertion depth.  There are two basic types of IIC hearing aids; extended wear and daily wear.

Extended Wear

extended wear

Extended Wear devices do not need to be removed at night.  They can also be worn while showering and bathing!  Typically, the hearing aids are inserted by an Audiologist during an in-office visit.  They contain a long battery life and typically last 120 days.  Extended Wear hearing aids will have to be replaced since the battery is sealed in the device.  They can be purchased on a subscription basis with the patient paying a yearly fee and will receive replacement hearing aids as needed during the subscription period.

Daily Wear

Daily Wear devices can be removed by the patient at night, contain a replaceable battery, and are typically custom fit for the ear canal.  They are a one-time purchase and the patient will have to buy new hearing aids when the hearing aids have run their course, which is typically two year.


Phonak Belong is the latest in hearing aid technology from Phonak.  Belong hearing aids have longer battery life, better performance, are dust resistant and water resistant.  These new hearing aids give hearing aid users more signal, less noise and better understanding in more listening situations:

  • Understand more in noise
  • Better speech understanding
  • Hearing in car
  • Hear quiet voices
  • Natural music experience

Phonak Bolero Bbolero

Phonak Bolero B is the comprehensive BTE portfolio for mild to profound hearing losses. Phonak Bolero B includes four designs and four performance levels, including a rechargeable BTE.  Powered by technology of the Phonak Belong™ platform, Phonak Bolero B hearing aids are the ideal solution for those clients that prefer best hearing performance in a durable, water-resistant BTE housing.

Audéo B

pic_beautyshot_audeo_bThe Audéo B is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid for mild to severe hearing losses.  It comes in five styles, including a new rechargeable hearing aid, and nine colors.  The Audéo B is powered by AutoSense OS, which provides superior hearing performance and comfort in everyday situations and adapts to every sound environment automatically!

Packshot_Charger_Case_open_with_Audeo_B-RThe Audéo B-R is a rechargeable hearing aid featuring a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  With just three hours of charging, the Audéo B-R can provide 24 hours of hearing.

Virto B-Titanium

Virto B-Titanium is the smallest Phonak custom hearing aid. Made from medical grade titanium, it is super discreet, durable and light weight.  It is powered by virtoAutoSense OS, which provides better hearing performance and comfort in everyday situations and adapts to every sound environment automatically!  Virto B-Titanium come in two technology levels.

Virto VVirto Q Family

The Virto V is a custom in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid designed to fit mild to profound hearing losses.  This product ranges from small to invisible, with a variety of performance levels and colors to suit your lifestyle needs.

Naida VNaida_V_SP

The Naida V hearing aids come inNaida_V_RIC two different styles, receiver in the canal and behind the ear. They are 24% thinner than Naida Q hearing aids, include SoundRecover2 technology, and have a IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. Naida V comes in 4 technology levels  and 11 different colors.